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Business & Commercial Lawyers Brisbane

The Law Place’s team of Brisbane-based Business and Commercial lawyers advise on all aspects of planning, restructuring and expansion including leasing and franchising, contract documentation, financing and lending transactions.

We work closely with major property developers, banks, accountancy firms and other large financial institutions to develop innovative, flexible and practical commercial solutions to suit all business models and types.

A division of Irish Bentley Lawyers, The Law Place has built an enviable reputation as one of Queensland’s best business and commercial advice practices and successfully represented high profile clients defending major prosecutions and cases brought by the ACCC, ATO and ASIC.

Business structuring, planning and expansion

The Law Place has a dedicated team of business and commercial lawyers in Brisbane that have provided advice and assistance to a number of our clients as they look to plan, structure and grow their business.

With many years of experience behind them our team of business lawyers in Brisbane have assisted many businesses across Queensland including:

    • Sole Trader
    • Partnership
    • Private Company
    • Private Company with Trust Structure
    • Public Company (listed)
    • Public Company (unlisted)

Contract documentation, legislation compliance

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Leasing and Franchising

The Law Place can provide reputable end to end advice and assistance for individuals and businesses across a number of areas including:

    • New Leases
    • Assignment (Transfer) of Lease
    • Sublease
    • Offer to Lease
    • Breach of Lease
    • Rent Review
    • Timely Rent Recovery
    • Termination of Lease
    • Lock Outs
    • Lease Litigation
    • Drafting Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Statements
    • Franchisee Premises Licence Agreements and Subleases
    • Disputes with Franchisees and Litigation

Financing and Lending Transactions

The Law Place is recognised as being at the forefront of corporate finance and lending in Queensland, providing advice and assistance for a number of clients including accountancy firms and other major financial institutions.

We act across the full spectrum of financing and lending transactions to provide our clients with the highest level of legal service and develop flexible, practical and innovative solutions that are reflective of their commercial and corporate expectations.

The Law Place’s dedicated team of business and commercial solicitors can provide advice across a range of areas including:

    • Project Finance
    • Property Finance
    • Asset and Corporate Finance
    • Structured Finance
    • Funds Management

For all matters concerning business law, contact our team of highly skilled and experienced Brisbane business and commercial lawyers at The Law Place today.